Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We like Wood!!

So last November a dear friend of mine said I should check out this company that makes wood bikes..........I always do what my friend says. Renovo Bikes is what I found. I gave Ken a call and said i want something kind of one-off for Street Swell. He was more than willing to accommodate. What I now have is the first bike I've ever had that will never be for sale...take a look and tell me what you think.

When building the bike up I enlisted my long time friend and bike shop owner Frank Mitchell of Moontime Cycles in Edwards Coloarado I told Frank I wanted to make this thing the coolest bike around and I had to have gold parts. Together we came up with parts from Chris King, Formula, Exotic, Phil Wood and Ergon to name a few.

What I ended up with is one of the sweetest looking 21lbs Single speeds around......and it rides like a dream. I am blown away at how responsive and comfortable it is.

Now we have a bike to take to shows that totally compliments our longboards and again proves its hard to improve on nature.

Well done Renovo....well done!

All Photos shot by my bro Joel, check him out at Joel Cummins Photography

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  1. It's not a 29er is it? NINER makes a solid gold carbon fork that may look sweet on it. Nice lookin bike though!