Thursday, February 16, 2012

42 degree's

Spring is in the air…….well it felt like it today. A balmy 42 degrees at Street Swell world headquarters. We are located on a quiet gently sloped road that is long and straight. Sloped enough to make the kick up quite painful with winter legs. On nice winter days when the snow has melted, the local governing authority has the street sweepers out cleaning up all of the debris a winter town acquires. Today was one such day. 42 degrees……clean streets….I’m out and kicking. Boy do I look forward to the first turns of the year, bluebird sky not a vehicle around and just the sound of the Seismic’s breaking a little loose at the apex of the turns. Sure you could straight this hill but straight is not why I love it…..its the carve. Well anyway that was the highlight of my day, one I look forward to repeating tomorrow.