Friday, May 15, 2009

News from the Buffalo Bill Downhill

A very cool event, Justin did a fantastic job putting this together. Saturday was picture perfect with very little wind and a lot of sun. Skaters had most of the day to dial in this challenging course which consisted of 5 corners the last 4 coming back to back in hair pin fashion. Corner 2 saw riders enter at speeds in the 40mph+ range.

All of the practice came in handy for Sundays final which was hampered by rain and fog making for a slick and dangerous descent. The heats are groups of four with the top 2 finishers advancing to the next heat. At the end of the day Zack Maytum of boulder proved to be the fastest of them all. Must be those Venom bushings.
1st Place- Zak Maytum, Colorado
2nd Place- Louis Pilloni, California
3rd Place- Will Brunson, New Mexico
4th Place- Brian Elderkin, Canada
5th Place- Calvin Staub, Colorado
6th Place- Brian Holden, Colorado

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